Android VS Tizen | How To Install Tizen SDK | Complete Guide on Tizen OS

               What are these smart phones made up of really? And the quick answer that pops up is the operating system. Operating system defines the way of operation of any system software and provides common services for computer programs. We are familiar to the traditional operating systems used in the mobile phones that include Symbian, blackberry, windows, iOS and the most popular currently Android. Here is new mobile operating system i.e. Tizen. We are explaining Android VS Tizen .One worth mentioning operating system used is the BADA, announced by Samsung with its phone Samsung wave S8500 in 2010 which gained immense popularity immediately after it launch. In 2013, BADA has merged with a similar platform known as Tizen.  

The adoption of LINUX by manufacturers can said be to the birth of this innovative idea of Tizen. Initially a Samsung project, later collaboration with the EFL project and Carsten Haitzler, this OS was known and LiMo. When Intel joined hands for the same, the name Tizen came up. Intel was then working on another project named MeeGo. But it should be clarified that Tizen is not a continuation of MeeGo but is build on Samsung Linux platform.

What is Tizen OS?

Tizen is a versatile operating system incorporated for smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment devices (popularly known as IVI), smart TV’s and smart cameras. It is a project extension of the LINUX foundation and is a joint venture of Samsung and Intel collectively known as technical steering group (TSG).

Android VS Tizen : Detailed Comparison Between Two Mobile OS

Lets study Android VS Tizen, covering all points.


  •  While after the launch of android in 2008 by Google, it continues to be the best open source operating system gaining immense popularity in the market with its highly developed app store and super user-friendly functionality. It is currently rated as the highest selling brand of the year.
  •  Whereas, Tizen has been backed up by the two leading companies Samsung and Intel, being one of its kinds by its compatibility with multiple mobile platforms.
  •  This, in simple words means that an app developed on and for Tizen will also work on android, iOS and windows mobile thus nullifying the need to switch apps when switching the operating system.

Tizen has expanded area of usage from smart phones, tablets, computers, Tizen notebooks, Tizen IVI as mentioned earlier.

  • Android uses Java for UI whereas Tizen uses HTML5.

HTML 5 speeds up the app delivery across multiple operating systems ensuring rapid creation of applications for developers taking advantage of native platform capabilities at the same time. The ability to “write once/run on many devices” is what makes Tizen better than androids bringing in the robust applications at the user end.

  • Now the question arises of how Tizen will affect the entire market. Currently, Samsung holds the 90% of the android market. Go wherever you wish, Android is the show stealer at the moment and the entire credit of making it so goes to Samsung. If it wasn’t for Samsung, Android would have been a hidden boon to technology. So, it is quite anticipated, that whatever Samsung will adopt, world will.
  • Samsung is certainly happy with the android’s performance. But it is looking for a more creative control and Tizen offers this. So, Tizen is no more a side project which is in the developing stage, but in future times, an Android alternative on the go!
  • The attractive full window or mini window feature which is said to give a floating browser effect is fresh and will grab attention against the boxy android look. It is all about style!

Why Tizen OS Getting so much attention?

It offers a user-friendly approach and a versatile yet homogenous experience across all the devices. The prime objective of this OS is to provide various app development tools based on the java script libraries. Since it is based on an open source software, it helps the developers to use HTML 5 and related web technologies to conceive and develop applications that can run on supported devices. These HTML 5 applications can run on Tizen without a browser. Flexibility of use, Fast, simple and affordable, Easy to develop for a large number of devices, Superior performance, Easiest access to the world of mobiles are the major reasons why to choose Tizen.

What makes Tizen so special?

tizen new mobile operating system

Style your home/lock screen with customizable wallpapers, movable icons and a pull-down notification bar.

Share your contacts using Bluetooth, email, SMS and use them wherever you need, making a call or writing a mail.

All that you need while calling: call history, speed dialling, group calling, call rejection (with message back to caller), call barring, DTMF And USSD

SMS, MMS and emails at hand with spam filtering.

Great web browsing experience.

Get your figures right with Calculators having standard and advanced functions ( both portrait and landscape)

Organize your day of work with calendars, To-do list, year/month/week/day list preview, vCal import-export, links to contacts and emails.

Catch up with time by using the alarm clock, world clock, timers and stopwatch.

Text your memos or simply draw them and send them

Versatile gallery handling pictures and videos where you can tag, share, mark as favourite and rotate, zoom your picture the way you want!

An interesting way to get your cords right, sorted list of music based on the genre, artist, album, have a look what you played last and swing in to the music.

You can choose from the 43 display languages and 36 input languages and work in whatever you are comfortable with.

A great way to capture your memories with a front and rear end camera for video (MPEG4/AAC) and pictures (JPEG/EXiF) that can be used in multiple orientations. Didn’t like the result? Configure exposure, white balance, guidelines and yes store it wherever you want!tizen features

Steps- How to install Tizen SDK:

1)    System requirement :

1. Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 (32- or 64-bit), Microsoft Windows® XP (32-bit) Service Pack 2 or later, Microsoft Windows® 7 (32- or 64-bit), Apple Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion (64-bit), or Apple Mac OS® X 10.8 2.Mountain Lion (64-bit)

3 .At least dual-core 2 GHz of CPU

4. At least 2 GB of RAM memory

5. At least 3 GB of free disk space

6. Local administrator authority

System requirement to INSTALL TIZEN SDK

2) To install the Tizen SDK using install manager:

Step 1: download the SDK install manager.

Step 2: run the install manager and the set-up wizard starts.

Step 3: click Next

Step 4: accept the terms and conditions and click Next

Step 5: select the components you want to install and click Next

Step 6: select the SDK home folder and click Install

Once the installation has begun, the SDK-setup wizard may require you to enter the local administrative privileges.

You will get a pop-up notification once the installation is complete which suggests that the SDK is fully installed and configured on your computer.

tizen phones

Long story short: Tizen is the new android! A great battle is expected while these titans clash and there is a possible threat to android in the smart phone market share. Whatever the result might be, this will be an exciting time for the users!